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Where are the b33f........
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Author Topic: Recruit Requirements  (Read 17519 times)
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« on: March 14, 2004, 12:45:13 AM »

We are a strongly knit clan of friends, so anyone we do let in must first meet some basic criteria. Below is what we'll expect before any recruit is accepted:

      - This means you WILL be investigated to see if you have or do cheat. Trust me, there are ways to find out.

2 - Post to the forums
      - We recruit peeps we know, so post your vitals here, and let us know you're interested in joining. Vitals include: Gaming history, Clan History, & AGE.

3 - Play on the server
      - Get to know us, we're more than willing to make new friends and meet peeps who like to have ~fun~ in the game. Play often! We're always watching Smiley
4 - Visit our irc
      - Come chit chat it up with us and get to know the player behind the pwnage machines Wink Server is channel is #b33f. If you need an irc client, grab the latest from or

5 - Join our TS
      - When we play, we use TS to chit chat. Wondering how we knew where you were? Probly TS Wink Server is, password xxxxxxxx. You can get TS client @ . And please, use headsets. Speakers cause feedback.

If you do the above, and we get to know you, we'll give you a formal trial and you'll be part of the group. We are listed on Nato, but don't war very often. Being a great player isn't really required, but having fun and a good attitude is a MUST!!! This means no spamming in the game, no flaming, and keep it clean (as much as possible) Smiley

Good luck, and see you in my cross-hairs  :twisted:

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« Reply #1 on: June 23, 2004, 11:51:50 AM »


Alot of people have been requesting to join the b33f. Well there are several things posted as guidelines, please read them. As they will be updated periodically.

There is one requirement that has been under review. That is the age limit. After many discussions about this, we the b33f are going to maintain our original limit, which is 21 or older. I know this will disappoint several who have asked and been patient. The most important thing is that the b33f are a group of friends who frag together on several games, talk on TS, MSN, IRC. We are open to new members. So Those who wish to join please abide by our simple requirements.

All are welcome to join us on IRC, & TS to get to know us. Play on the Servers we currently have & enjoy. We currently maintain The b33fRanch TO:C Server and The b33fMonster Server (if we all ask Stewing[b33f] to turn it back on). We are always looking into new games & maybe even additional servers.  

Once again Thank You for being patient.

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